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First Batch February 7, 2010

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So, I made my first set of cupcakes this afternoon.  They were just ordinary vanilla cake batter with a butter-cream frosting.  Since it’s close to Valentines day, I dyed the frosting pink, yes, dyed, and decorated the tops with little red sprinkles.  They look yummy, and I am sure they are, but I have to wait until after dinner to try one.  : )

Some people might be like, “OMG NOT FOOD DYE,” and I am just going to say, “OMG GET OVER IT.”  I guess some people seem to think  that synthetic food dye is bad for you suddenly.  I know some kids are allergic to it, but severe health problems from ingesting it?  Nahh.  If you think about anything you eat, I am sure you could come up with some reason not to eat it.  What about a burrito?  It has a whole grain wrap, lots of veggies, lean meat….well, that whole thing is probably more than half of your daily intake of fat.  Canned soup has TONS of sodium.  For every positive, there’s a negative…that’s life.

I just chose the route that doesn’t make me think about what could be wring with my food.  I kinda check to make sure it’s not poisonous or anything that could immediately harm me, but I don’t dissect the sandwich I have for lunch, or the dressing I put on my salad.

I’m here on a couch, drinking juice that probably has red #40 in it, and enjoying Josh’s company.  It’s our one year anniversary today-although I’ve been in love with him for much longer than that.  : )

I can’t wait to make his chocolate cake this week!



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